Founded in 2012, KWSP is one of the UK’s leading turnkey engineering solutions providers. With fast-paced and agile development, we take sophisticated ideas from concept through to manufacturing and assembly, integrating world-class engineering at every step.

Our primary focus is on delivering niche vehicle programmes for road and track, drawing from our vast motorsport experience to deliver new programmes or enhance existing ones. As a bespoke solutions provider, we also leverage our extensive knowledge and experience to deliver integrated solutions across numerous sectors, including aerospace, space, sports, industrial, renewables and more.

Time and again, we have demonstrated the power of ingenuity, disruptive thinking and novel processes in overcoming complex engineering challenges. From advanced lightweighting and composites to complex systems integration, power storage, broader innovation, niche products and mass production industries, we bring agility and a competitive edge to each of our projects.

KWSP’s all-new 2,664sqm facility at Silverstone Park, combining a modern office space with a fully equipped workshop and assembly area in a brand new facility.

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