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We are an agile engineering development partner and end-to-end enabler, for when details matter.

KW Special Projects Expert Engineers
KW Special Projects Specialist EngineersKW Special Projects Specialist Engineers

Our all-new headquarters in Silverstone Park are located beside the iconic circuit, with modern engineering offices and state-of-the-art workshops and assembly spaces. The move places KWSP at the centre of a growing advanced engineering hub, linked by the Silverstone Technology Cluster. This innovative region is delivering some of the most important technologies and capabilities in motorsport, automotive, mobility, aerospace and more.

A high-performance engineering specialist with unparalleled experience, KWSP is a trusted partner to some of the world’s most innovative brands. Specialising in niche vehicle projects for road, track, and display, alongside expertise in technology transfer and horizontal innovation, KWSP is an enabler and engineering catalyst. Leveraging a revolutionary approach and multi-disciplinary team, KWSP delivers complex projects and innovations, challenging conventions and enabling tomorrow.

KWSP prides itself on innovation, flexibility and adaptability, harnessing state-of-the-art technologies, pioneering approaches and unique capabilities to solve complex engineering challenges. The continued drive for better performance, greater efficiencies and first-to-market innovation has resulted in many industries facing a myriad of issues, such as lightweighting, systems integration, power storage and the need for bespoke systems.

Within these overlapping challenges, KWSP plays the critical role of enabler. Working closely with clients to understand their fundamental motivations and ambitions, the KWSP team has a proven track record of successful projects, collaborations and turnkey solutions for companies operating worldwide. From race cars to hypercars, new battery technology to advanced applications for additive manufacturing, KWSP delivers end-to-end solutions.


The pursuit of performance is in our DNA.

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From race cars to hypercars, to advanced applications for additive manufacturing, KWSP delivers end-to-end solutions.